Tapioca flour - Raw, 500g


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Store in a cool, dry place.

Origin: Brazil

This crude tapioca flour is a product of manioc roots. We are offering it as plain or toasted. The raw flour is used as a main ingredient for the preparation of traditional Brazilian farofa or as a side dish to meat, fish and fish dishes, grilled dishes, rice and stew.

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Raw cassava flour - Farinha de Mandioca Cruda - or manioc / tapioca flour is one of the most famous Brazilian ingredients. Raw cassava flour is made directly from the Cassava root vegetable, which is peeled, chopped, minced into tiny pieces and finally dried to make the coarse-grained flour. The flour is the most popular use for the cassava plant across Brazil and transforms a small dish of meat or vegetables into a hearty meal. 

To make the side dish farofa fry some onions and bacon in butter until cooked, and gently stir in the manioc flour over a medium heat for several minutes until light golden brown and crunchy. Serve with garnished with parsley. Toasted cassava flour is also sprinkled over meat and fish dishes for extra heartiness and crunch.

The producer Yoki launched in 1960 as a family owned business and is now one of Brazil’s best loved food and drink brands, and guarantees an authentic Brazilian experience.

Raw flour can also be baked, to get toasted flour for the preparation of tasty dishes.

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